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Fellow Operators, a note from K7KTR
While talking on Ham Radio is fun there is more important things going on in our Country and abroad then investing thousands of your dollars just to talk about the weather.
FASCISM, TYRANNY and on into a Full-Blown Dictatorship!
In short, all our forefathers fought to prevent in WWII
The United States IS today. FACT!


While ham radio continues to be a major part of communications as well as a means to communicate in times of emergency. It should be well noted that local emergencies should be the main importance in our hobby. Why?
"While we can't change the past or the Weather...
We can guide the Future."

Pat's Knob November 1st, 2014
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Welcome to the Plains Montana 147.140 Repeater Group.

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Remember the lie that "Our Troop's" are fighting for your freedom?

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"Repeater News and Coming Events"

The Plains Repeater operated for many years without a single problem. Suddenly we developed Power Amplifier problems. We were burning out PA's like candy. The SWR was showing 4 Watts reflected and that is without even having a transmitter connected. "Again". Sadly trying to find out what is causing this has become a real pain in the Coax. Our antenna was built for this Repeater and has near FLAT MATCH.

Recently, We upgraded the system to a MSF-5000 Motorola and special thanks to Don W7MRI he was able to get for the newer system, 2 Circulators providing -70db of isolation on the transmitter that I believe our problem is solved.
We still had an interfacing problem which that finally has been corrected.
Again thanks to the help of Don W7MRI from Helena. The Repeater is UP on the AIR as well as the Link's to Cut Bank's K7HR Mount Baldy Repeater 146.700-  PL-103.5. However the changeable 15 channel UHF Remote Base system down. Thank you all for your patience.

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Western Mobile Telephone Company

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911radio.com +18004359800

AE7OD Jeff Cherry Owner:               Phone: 800.435.9800

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