The Plains Montana
147.140+ PL 103.5Hz

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From from 6,837 Feet: View looking to East.

The Plains Repeater became an idea when out hunting in 1985. It was then while listening on simplex 146.520Mhz and hearing two hams N7AEV and WA7ZOO that I then as WB7WBJ was amazed at the coverage of where I was located at. There was no local repeater in the Plains area so I set upon the idea of putting a ham repeater on that mountain.

I became a student of (hihi) of KD7DK Joel in Missoula where I'd sit and watch him play with repeaters and eventually with Joel and Wilma-Jean KD7HP had mad the 147.040+ repeater and Packet System great systems for the HARC Missoula Hellgate Club. But the 147.040 Repeater still lacked coverage in the areas of Plains from a portable or mobile in most cases. So then I talked with Ron (Now N7VLC) who at the time was the USFS. District Ranger of the Plains Forest Service about getting a Special User Permit for Pat's Knob Electronic Site as an Amateur Repeater location. Through many obstacles I finally was granted one (through a few hoops) but there was a permit issued in 1989.

Over the years there have been many upgrades to the repeater system antenna's, repeaters such as a G.E. MastrPro, MastrII and now currently a Motorola MSF-5000. This would include also installing a Linked UHF repeater to the K7HR 146.700- PL 103.5Hz to the N.W. to South of Browning, Montana to Mount Baldy known as the Cut Bank, Montana Repeater or the (Highline.) This link has worked well for years. John KA5LXG was a major part in helping to get the 147.140+ repeater up and running. As well as Mark KO8N and Clint Spindler (Plains P.D. retired) who donated the needed hardline for the install.

Currently on November 1st, 2014 and to beat a coming Winter Storm,  Mike N5UUH, Kara KD7OBK and myself K7KTR ex WB7WBJ went up and removed the Sinclair SC229 antenna off the tower which was giving us some coverage problems and moved it to the pole that the original license (permit) was granted for just off the ground across Cindy Ln. Coverage has greatly increased.

Cindy Lane Pole

Mike and Kara and I buried 7/8" hardline from the lookout to that pole which is about 145' along the rocks and into some needed conduit where Snow-Cat's are known to go over in the winter when others/self need to do repairs.

ICE has always been a major problem at Pat's Knob. ALWAYS!!!

While this is an older photo the foreground antenna to front LEFT, was the SRL-229B Sinclair that was solid iced and lasted for 14 years before the purchase of the Sinclair SC229 which is currently used. Corey KC7MRQ has a APRS System and is using that same antenna today though it has been repaired a couple of times. Under the catwalk of the Lookout is located a 6 Element Yagi that completes the Link to the Mount Baldy repeater about 127 Miles away using about 12 Watts.

The Plains repeater also has a 16 Channel Motorola GM300 UHF Remote Base (Currently OFF) that when in on, can reach into Idaho, Eastern Washington and other area UHF repeaters all remotely via the Scom 7330 Repeater Controller. +19704166505

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Current supporters of the Plains Repeater SYSTEM
with continued thanks for helping keep the Plains repeater going. K7KTR Keith

W7MRI - Don
N5UUH - Mike (Doc)
K7YD - Doug
KD0WDE - Nealix
KD0AST - Julie
N0WPS - Richard
KC7MRQ - Corey
KO8N  - Mark & Family - (Cosner Comtec Kalispell) +14067528822
N7ONV - Rex - (Kalispell Communications) +14067526777
N7ANK - (Western Electronics Kalispell, Montana.) +14062571953
W7EVL - Eric (Site donation and $)
KA5LXG - John - Bigfork 146.620- PL 88.5Hz
NZ7S - Eric - HARC Missoula Hellgate Club

There are many users of the Plains/Cut Bank Repeaters and we'd like to add you to those who frequent the repeater system.

Thank You!
Keith K7KTR: Plains Repeater. k.rodgers (at)