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What it was alleged of Germany 1933 the U.S. and Israel are today. FACT!

YouTube Censorship
The Trillions in Banking FRAUD!!!

Article 1 Section 8 U.S. Constitution....
Why should the United States borrow from a "Privet Central Bank"
Who prints Monopoly Money that's Printed out of "THIN AIR"
Thus enslaving the World's Nation's to DEBT & Interest
further choking the economies as they can "NEVER" repay that debt let alone the Interest Payment's.

 When the U.S. Government can legally print its own money Interest FREE and without DEBT?

So, YouTube has a Policy to protect the Federal Reserve?

See below the full post that was deleted .

So, as this debate about raising the debt ceiling starts up again, remember that the reason the corporate media is so focused on
whether the debt ceiling should be raised or not, is because they don't want you thinking about why there is such a huge debt to begin with.

The question both government and the corporate media will never ask, and hope you do not ask, is why, when the Constitution authorizes
the US Government (Article 1 Section 8)  to create and issue debt-free money, has the United States Government borrowed instantly-created money at interest from a privately-owned central bank and cursed you and your descendants with the out of control interest?

But that IS the question you need to ask yourself, your family and friends, indeed everyone you know.


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I think there is only One Way to get into the minds of American's
Just have to get past their lust for watching Desperate Housewives and running up and down Main Street USA waving Rainbow Flags demanding their share of the pie to also fuck someone...
No, I'm not against gays.. Just keep your privet life off the streets of our Country and keep it in your bedroom.

Visual viewing.
A Picture is worth a 1000' Words. Yes?
For Larger Images (Click Photos)

Ohio Stadium with full occupancy of 94,118
Just look at all them people!!!
America's SANITIZED Wars.

 Total "Listed" Iraqi War Dead; 122,000

How many war dead that could fill Stadiums... 
Have to be filled before American's realize what their government has done in their names and repeated LIES before they stand up and do something? Anything?



The War On Democracy by John Pilger
How the Banking system works, simple... The United States destroys country after country.
The IMF World Bank goes in, Loans at Interest are created (DEBT)
U.S. Contractors then steal Billion's of dollars of those loans and the dams, bridges, hospitals,
 schools, naval & shipping yards, food, public works like power, phones, sewer, TV & Radio stations
are all destroyed and nothing is ever rebuilt.

Then.. Finally to get that country going, they sell off many of their countries utilities like schools, prisons, power and others to pay that DEBT and the US now OWNS that country who is soaked with its national debt for generations to come.
Capitalism at its best!

See also the following information.

Obama's Treason
Though marked as Obama it applies to the whole US Government.

The Secret Government:
Bill Moyers (1987)

Our Israeli "Trained"

Programs endorsed by the Homeland Security, ADL are all used to train our Law Enforcement and Military.

Trust U.S.?
How many times have WE been lied to to cover up the covert actions done by our government in Our Names.
See why we are Hated?

What's behind all the Shooting's across America?
SSRIs and the Big Pharma attack on the People of America to sedate them into nice economic buying Slaves.

Since the Korean War, The United State's has directly or via its "Proxy Dictator's" killed well over 10,000,000 fellow Human being's. This while backing some of the worst "Regimes" such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and others. This was done in War's which were those countries were never a threat to American's. The destruction of 75% of Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, El Salvador, East Timor, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now they, like a panting dog are being lead to Illegally attack Iran who the United States gave Iran its nuclear energy program in 1954 after installing the Dictator Shah just after the CIA overthrew yet another democratically elected government.

This is why We as American's are hated. Not for any alleged freedoms. You don't see our Soldiers coming home to Parades and Confetti. Rather they are called "Domestic Terrorist's" who sedated on $3,200,000,000 worth of SSRIs and Opiate drugs are then with over 750,000 cases of PTSD (Namely for the memories of the War Crimes they committed while being Lied to about Saddam's WMDs and Al Qaeda ties. Like Vietnam it was all over a LIE!

This shouldn't surprise anyone. The United States was the ONLY ONE to ever drop 2 Atomic bombs on Japan's cities, plus fly an additional 1,000 Sorties that burned 16 Square miles of Tokyo to the ground killing many thousands more. Like Iraq and Libya the United States and Allies bombed most cities in Germany destroying Rail Service, Dams, Power and Sewer as well as Telephone & other Public Services, Naval Ship's and Yards, Air-Ports, Bridges, Roads, Hospital's, School's,, Universities and major Food Hub's. This is why Million's died in German held territories.

This scene is repeated in other countries. Where the IMF World Bank is the first on the scene to Open a Privet Central Bank to Issue many many loans at Interest to rebuild what the U.S. and NATO or Allied forces had destroyed. Leaving the citizen's left alive to rebuild. U.S. Contractors further steal Billion's in those Loans so that those countries and worse then they ever were before. This is better known as U.S. Capitalism at its best. These Loans at Interest is known as USURY. Condemned by many in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Greenspan Admits The Federal Reserve Is Above The Law & Answers To No One

Syria and Iran are the "Last 2 Countries" that have their "Own Privet Bank's".
We can see the U.S. Support with the Tax Dollars of American's as our cities crumble and Million's on Unemployment and Food Stamp's, that the money collected for the United States "Social Nets" is instead being sent to Arm and Fund the very Al Qaeda that 9/11 and 12 years of Wars along with the death's of nearly 2,000,000 more human beings has been all about.

Daily the U.S. Government just "Makes things up" to try to Invade other countries.
Also usually for the benefit of Israel who has for decades bombed all their neighbors and continues to mass genocide the original Semite's of Palestine. "Who's really the anti-Semite? As today's "Jew's" are European Jew's. See: Haavara Agreement.

Interesting that the Jerusalem Post now admits Israel has nuclear weapons.
Interesting that the Jerusalem Post now admits Israel has nuclear weapons.

Israeli subs with nukes in Gulf... JPost - Iranian Threat - News
While American's Starve, $8,000,000 a day Tax Free is sent to Israel.

I wish to point out that under the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act and the Glenn Act, it is illegal for the US Government to send our tax money to any nation in possession of nuclear weapons technology that refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or allow IAEA inspections. Of course, the President can issue an exemption, but by doing so, he admits to all Americans that the US Government has known all along that Israel has nuclear weapons, and was lying to We The People when they said otherwise!

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